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How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

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how often should you replace your mattress

In your total life span, you spend about one third in the mattress. It, no doubt, plays a huge part in your health, everyday energy levels, mood and alertness. Unfortunately, we give importance to many appliances other than the mattress such as computer and television and forget to take care of the comfort zone when we retire for the night. It is very essential to look for signs that suggest wear and tear in the passage of time and when to be replaced. Given the location of mattresses, it is challenging to find whether they have to be replaced or not. In this article on how often should you replace a mattress no specific time has been given because the life span will depend on the type of usage and the brand.

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

how often should you replace your mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress
You wake up every morning with numbness, aches, stiffness in the parts of the neck and pain in the back. You suffer from exhaustion and dizziness after waking up from sleep. There are times you feel that you have slept better in a relative or sibling’s home.

The above three sentences are symptoms of the signs that the mattress does not offer the comfort and support you need and has to be mandatorily replaced.

The other signs are:

If there are any visible marks of wear and tear, or the upper portion gives an appearance of lumpy, worn – it is on the way out.

Check the time, you bought the mattress – if it is more than seven years, then a new mattress should be ordered. It is also advisable to think of body or lifestyle changes that might have happened from the date you purchased the mattress. You have gained or lost weight or, the children are complaining of body pain as they are in the prime stages of growth – then the mattress is not reliable for body comfort and peaceful sleep.

If you have developed a back problem and do not seem cheerful in completing the day to day activities, then the old mattress is not the best comfort resort in the night. Experts in the mattress industry and the Sleep Council strongly advise on the replacement of a mattress after seven years as it would have lost 85 percent of the support and the original comfort. If the mattress is not of good quality, the replacement had to be made after the gap of four or five years.

You see a dip in the middle of the mattress, a child can pass his/her hand through the tear and feel the springs, then the final stage has come. The condition can also be distinguished if the mattress is groaning, creaking or pinging when the sun does not spread its light rays when you are sleeping on it. A mattress does not make its presence to the eye as it is covered by sheets and blankets for most of the life.

You are in the midst of a peaceful sleep and find your spouse turning and tossing all night – the meaning – the mattress is not giving him/her comfort. Because of the noise and love, affection for the spouse, your sleep is also on the wane. The other information – the mattress has lost the motion transfer option. A mattress should support all the sleepers in a bed.

In case of a very old mattress, it can become an unlikely residence for dead skin cells, germs, dust mites and bed bugs. Cleaning will not be the option and the only resort will be to replace the mattress.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Many mattresses can be made to achieve its total life if they are regularly rotated. The technique will buy you some time, but it is mandatory that every mattress has to be checked for wear and tear every six months. Rotate the sides at regular intervals. It is advisable to change during daylight saving time and standard time. In Spring – you can spin the mattress and in Fall – flip. Plan for the change – the time – the bed does not have linens. The headboard should be at the footboard in Spring and the reverse in Fall.

How To Choose A Mattress?

Health is Wealth. It is no use going to the doctor for back pain if you have a mattress that has become old and has to be replaced. When buying a new mattress, decide on the physical needs of you (also your spouse) and the budget when making the final payment. Information has been given on various types of mattresses, and how to choose the best one from the mattress store, and ensure the sleep comfort for you is the best, prior to giving it a permanent place in the bedroom.

  • Get Information on different mattresses. They can vary from plush ones to classic, firm to high technical, mechanically operated beds (with remote controls). A patient search on the internet will give you abundant information.
  • Plush or Basic mattresses: They are made from various materials and sold at any price range. The expensive ones are those having components of natural or organic fibers.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses: They can mold to the shape of your body when you are sleeping.
  • Sleep number mattresses: They can be made softer or harder on the mere touch of a button.  There are different zones in the mattress; your partner can prefer a certain level of softness.

Do not prefer only the brand names as that does not imply on quality. The mattresses have to be checked individually by you and members of the family.

Physical Requirements

Kindly take into account the following:

Ask your spouse or family members, information about whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper? There are some mattresses that are designed specifically for accommodating certain sleeping positions. If you have trouble moving in and out of bed, consider buying a mattress that is specially made for getting out and in of bed, an easier activity.


There are some investments in household items for which budget should not be a constraint nor looked into. You and your family members spend around one-third of life in the mattress and it is your comfort zone in the night for a peaceful sleep. It will be in the best health of every family member that the mattress is checked in person and bought, depending on the requirements.

There are some which can cost thousands of dollars, and others very low. It is advisable that you consult your spouse about the budget and come to a conclusion, before going to the store. The reason – you can be talked into buying a mattress that can be bought out of the budget.

The average price for a good mattress with box-frame in the market can come to $800. The cost of a quality bed can range more over $1500. Try to bargain for deals under your budget – the occasion can be a festival etc.

There are other accessories that are sold along with the item you want, so be prepared when you go for the buy. Store executives can cajole you to buy the pillow tops, mattress covers and bed frames (also other items) that are currently, no use to the family. The mattress can work well without the accessory items, so have the buying list ready when you step into a store.

Navigate Online

The best way to buy a good quality mattress will be to search online in reviews of stores (mattress) in the locality and make a detailed plan of visiting more shops. You should check every option available, and then going by the standards and the price, you can always go back for the specific brand.


You cannot become a mattress-know-all supremo overnight by reading the reviews and articles before buying one. But there can be some valid points that can help you to locate the perfect mattress. Try to use your sixth sense about different mattresses by trying them out in the store. Check mattresses of different firmness and thickness. If the ‘mattress’ does not give the feeling of comfort at the first feel, you cannot expect it at home.

It is advisable to check the most expensive ones to get points on the high-quality mattress. Then, when you search for mattress within the budget, you can select the one that meets the requirements and the cost.

When trying out a mattress, do not spend more than two minutes. It is better that you keep a record of the mattress checked and the brand name. Experience the comfort and compare it with the other mattresses. You should be quick in making decisions. Your body becomes the best equipment to tell you whether the mattress is in tandem with your body or not.


Many stores either decrease or increase the price by a few hundred dollars during the sale. When buying a quality mattress, if you pay the full amount, ask if they will also include a bed frame, pillow top and box spring. Ensure you buy the one that has a warranty so that you can return in case of defective parts or it does not provide comfort. Many warranties have the option of returning the mattress in the range of thirty to sixty days. Many stores provide free delivery and some even, will go to the extent of disposing of your old mattress.

Check With Your Family

As with every new item, it will take a little time for your body to settle down, so it is okay if you suffer from back and neck pain for two days. Pay attention to the squeaks and sounds coming from the mattress. Think about the following points:

  • The duration of hours you slept on the new mattress
  • Did you and your partner sleep comfortably? Was there too much tossing and turning in sleep?
  • Did you feel your body parts ache after the third day? Did you sleep comfortably?
  • Was there a compression when your back hit the mattress? Did you get adequate support?

If needed, return the mattress. If you feel that you have not slept well and your family members give the similar opinion, it will be better to return the mattress. You can once again start the buying process, keeping in mind the valuable data out of the earlier experience.


Kindly use the mattress for its purpose. Keep the area clean, avoid having drinks and food in the bed. Do not allow the children to use the bed for jumping purposes as a trampoline. You should remove the plastic covering from the mattress after the delivery. The sleep will be peaceful without squeak sounds and gives the mattress the space to breathe.

Just because it is a weekend, and you have spare time, do not pull the mattress in the list of dry cleaning items. Some of the chemicals may cause havoc on the fabric or the component materials. The best cleaning method recommended is the vacuuming method. In case of a stain, make use of the soap solution and a cloth. The last hammering on the nail – do not ever, dip the mattress into any water solution.

If you are living in hot weather, the human body gives off sweat. So select a mattress that allows the sweat to evaporate or dissipate easily. Keep your eyes, ears open and exhibit the presence of mind. There may be unethical retailers who can sell you a returned mattress by reducing the amount. Check signs of use before you buy or in case of a replacement.