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How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?

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how long should you brush your teeth

According to the dental routine, brushing is the most important part of the daily routine. To keep your smile and mouth healthy, you should follow these points:

1. Use a soft bristled brush twice a day to brush your teeth. Make sure that the shape and the size should be proper according to your mouth so that it will fit in the right way and reaches all the areas easily.

2. Do not forget to replace your toothbrush after every two to three months. A damaged toothbrush will not help in cleaning your teeth.

3. Try to use an ADA proven fluoride toothpaste.

Now the question arises how long should you brush your teeth? It is estimated that you should brush your teeth 2 minutes for two times in a day. There is a proper technique behind this:

how long should you brush your teeth


  1. Make sure you keep your brush at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Start moving the brush gently back and forth.
  3. Brush all the surfaces of the teeth like inner surface, outer surface and chewing surfaces too.
  4. For cleaning the inside surfaces of your front teeth, you need to tilt the brush in the vertical position and move the brush in the up and down strokes.
  5. To keep the breath fresh, brush your tongue also. It removes the bacteria.

The American dental association has recommended that:

• You should floss daily.
• Make sure you take healthy diet.
• Replace your toothbrush as soon as it will start getting damaged.
• Regular dental check-ups are also important for healthy teeth.

Gum Diseases:

It happens in those areas where brushing is not happening properly. Due to this, bacteria build up a layer on your teeth and react through inflammation. Inflammation is also termed as swelling of the gums.

Symptoms of this are:

• Bleeding while flossing or brushing.
• Gum redness
• Loose teeth
• Withdrawing gum line
• Mouth sores
• Constant bad breath.

I have listed out certain mistakes which are made by you with the help of your toothbrush. You will also get to know how to fix them. Brushing in the perfect manner will give you good oral health and also keeps you away from the gums and cavities. Here are some tips:

1. Right Tool: Make sure you choose the right toothbrush for you. The brush may be too big to fit into your mouth. You should feel good in your hand and mouth after using it so that you will use it often.
It is very important for you to know your bristles. It can even hurt your gums if they are way too stiff. You can also take the help of electric toothbrushes if you are suffering from arthritis or some other trouble as it will do your job easily. If someone has issues with the manual brushing, he/she can use the electric bus which will give the excellent results.

2. Give Time: Give enough amount of time to your brushing session as it can make or break your teeth. To be on the safe side, divide your mouth into 4 sections and make sure you spend thirty seconds on each section. You will find an inbuilt timer in the electric toothbrushes. If you are not able to pass the time while brushing, just watch TV. You can watch TV and also keep your teeth healthy by proper brushing.

3. Do Not Overdo: Brushing more than 2 or maximum three times in a day will not be good for you. It can damage your gums and also removes the tooth enamel. Try to keep a light hand while brushing; do not press the brush too hard. Electric brushes are more useful as you just have to guide the brush and the bristles do their own work. Be very gentle while removing the dirt and do not force it.

4. Switch The Things: Keep switching the way you begin brushing. Do not brush from the same area in your mouth every time; try some new areas when you get bored. Make sure you keep a track of the areas which you have completed and which all you have to complete.

5. Right Product: The type of toothpaste you use matters a lot. Do not use those products which promise the whitening of your teeth as it contains whitening particles which can be very harmful to you and can take away the structure of the tooth. Go with the fluoride toothpaste and keep changing your toothpaste according to your preference at regular intervals of time.

6. Sour Tooth: Most of the drink, sour candies, and even diet sodas contain some acids which soften the tooth enamel. If you are going to try some sour goodies, brush carefully and then wait for half an hour. It will give you the time to restore the tooth enamel.

7. Neat and Clean: Rinse your brush nicely after every use. It is very obvious that germs from your mouth and teeth stay on your brush and if you do not wash it properly, it may even lead to hardening the bristles. Some people suggest using a disinfectant to cleanse your toothbrush but do not do this. Keep it simple but just washing it and letting it air dry.

8. Avoid Potty Mouth: Do not keep your brushes in the bathroom; it might be the not so cleanest place in your house. You can keep it in a holder so that there will be no place for the germs to enter. Bacteria grow in the moist area, so let your toothbrush air dry. While travelling does not forget to use the cover of the brush otherwise all the dirt will enter inside.

9. Once the bristles lose their flexibility, it is the time to change the toothbrush. Using the damaged toothbrush may even bring health related issues. So, keep it clean and natural to avoid the complications.

These were some of the tips on how long should you brush your teeth? Follow these and give your teeth a good and new beginning. Maintain a daily routine of brushing.

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